Frame Translations | Kingston studio

The semester involved the development of two interlinking projects, a precedent study and the proposal for a new shed for Shatwell Farm in Somerset, UK. The studio considered the shed primarily as an expression of structure; the modulation and organisation of space is defined between the members of the structure, to form a frame. Case studies of contemporary framed buildings were transformed into new structures, via an exercise of frame translations. A new relationship to the ground was found, and new room sequences emerged.

The space became a place of storage and archive of food and knowledge, with asingle long table placed in response to the direction of the structural frame.

At table is always a strong focus for a gathering. It can unite a family, make peace with friends, glue everyone together: it is something you can lean on, share, work and play on and, most importantly eat on. … The old ways are coming back, we need more texture, more craft, more skill with this world constantly online, we now need to find our feet again, find the earth, the food from our heritage, poetry, fabrics, crafts. It’s all back. And I think it’s time for lunch.

Margot Henderson, Rochelle Canteen

Module: First Year Design Studio

Course: BA(Hons) Architecture

Dates: academic year 2018-2019

Location: Shatwell Farm, Somerset, UK


Eva Sopeoglou, Senior Lecturer, Kingston School of Art, UK

Michael Putman, Visiting Lecturer, co-director of SUPRBLK