Textile Fabrications | Shadows in motion

The series Textile Fabrications is a first exploration of tectonics, techniques and technologies for the design of perforated sheet metal cladding elements, paired with experiments in textile design, photography and photograms. This design exploration of shadows involves digital fabrication with sheet metal, where thin metal sheets were manipulated into soft textile forms; the sheets were bent and acquired softness, and were perforated to become porous and let in the light and air.

Through photography, they them became one with the shadows they produced, revealing an aesthetic quality in creating a play between the material and the immaterial. A shadow is linked to an object via a thin line, and thus, a permanent connection, a seam, exists between the object and its shadow. Each two-dimensional surface plane generates an additional immaterial plane, which is linked to it, and so, a three-dimensional shaded space is constructed from the two.

The photograms explored moving shadows, a four-dimensional plane and the way shadows are experienced in nature, as a moving phenomenon.

Textile Fabrications | Shadows in motion
Type: Design and fabrication, photography, photograms
Location: London, UK & Thessaloniki, Greece
Dates: January 2010
Sheet metal fabrication: METALSO
Photograms: Eva Sopeoglou
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