I am Eva Sopéoglou, a London-based and Greece-based practising architect, academic researcher and university lecturer. My work is concerned with the interaction of humans with the environment both within urban and natural contexts. For example, it explores the notion of comfort in architecture as a multi-dimensional quality of inhabitable space, place and the environment; it also considers a tectonic, aesthetic and social-cultural definition of sustainability, taking note of the implications in the design of spaces. A recurring theme is the relationship between interior, exterior and semi-enclosed spaces; this is an often overlooked aspect of space-making which I consider crucial, both in the public and domestic spheres.

I pursue a keen interest in materials, craft and fabrication and a creative engagement with technology informed by a knowledge of architectural engineering, structures and advanced building design. Through cross-disciplinary collaborations with textile and fashion designers we explore surface and pattern designs, materials and making, in bringing together the realm of buildings, dressing and textiles. Meanwhile, through an ongoing collaboration with metal fabricator METALSO we conceive and construct 1:1 prototype enclosures, perforated facades and environmental screens with cutting-edge digital fabrication CAD/CAM technologies.

My outlook on architectural practice is international; as licenced architect in the EU/Greece and as ARB Architect and an RIBA Chartered Member in the UK. I previously practiced architecture in New York, at Gruzen Samton Architects LLP where I worked on projects with a strong sustainability focus, and with Bernard Tschumi Architects as part of the design team of the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

I am an experienced and passionate tutor and a regular invited critic in architecture schools across London, the UK and Greece. I particularly enjoy initiating design workshops to address ecological, technological or social agendas and leading student teams working with communities and through live projects.

My professional work and academic research have attracted several international design awards, research grants and study scholarships while the work has been widely published and exhibited internationally.