anima_ta | Synathroisis exhibition installation

The anima_ta is an experimental installation generated by the use of digital techniques and processes proposing a different way of display. It is designed for the exhibition ‘digital topo_graphies’ to host computer mediated design research projects. Anima means air, breath, and life. Anima is “full of life”, able to change through interior and exterior parameters, to grow or age.

The materialized form is a result of merging new techniques of CAD/CAM, CNC digital-fabrication punching machines with traditional handcraft experience. The structure was realised in painted sheet metal. The sheet metal was bend to take its natural shape.

Design and fabrication: Installation for the exhibition Syn_Athroisis
Locations: Thessaloniki 2008, Athens 2009
Architects: Yota Adilenidou, Eva Sopeoglou, Sophia Vyzoviti, Christina Spilioti
Lighting Design: Artemide
Sheet metal CNC fabrication: METALSO Sheet Metal Design
Organisation: (Thessaloniki) Technical Chamber of Greece / SCM, HELEXPO (Athens) Technical Chamber of Greece / SCM, Hellenic Institute of Architecture, DOMES International Architectural Review of Architecture
Photos: Nontas Stylianidis
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