Tailoring Shadows | Dreamspace gallery exhibition

Tailoring Shadows is an experiment with shade and shadows and their spatial, social and perceptive qualities.Working from the vantage point of an apartment overlooking an urban public space, the setup of a camera obscura transforms an interior room into an urban room, and becomes the device for observation and projection of the city. This real-time architectural scale model enables an alternative process for architectural design, embracing both visible and invisible environmental site conditions, which concludes in proposals for shading strategies for the adjacent urban public space. The  project is conjunct with the student workshop Camera Obscura Urban, realised as part of Ecoweek 2011 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The exhibition featured a collage of the project’s images mounted on 2 vintage exhibition display frames, salvaged from the Victoria and Albert Museum Textiles Collection.


This project was funded by the Architecture Research Fund at The Bartlett UCL.

Tailoring Shadows: group exhibition
Exhibition Dates: 6 – 15 March 2012
Location: Dreamspace Gallery, Craftwork Studios, London, UK
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