The Network Oasis | AA Inter 10 studio

Under the title The Self-Organising City v.1.0: Network Oasis, Intermediate Unit 10 sought to establish a working method for a systemic approach to new ecological urban design. Intermediate Unit 10 was based in the Arabic peninsula, in particular the desert between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, a historically-rich territory of merchant routes, tribal living and nomadic inhabitation.

At the same time, the studio aimed to establish a dialogue with seminal architectural experimental projects. The Situationist Constant Nieuwenhuys’  manifesto New Babylon served as a starting point for an exploration in nomadic living.

The work featured in an end-of-year edited catalogue: PASQUERO, C., POLLETTO, M., SOPEOGLOU, E. (2011) Self-Organising City v.1.0: Network Oasis, Intermediate 10 catalogue, AA School Projects Review, London, UK.

Design Studio: Intermediate Unit 10 The Self-organising City v1.0: Network Oasis’
Course: Undergraduate School, Architectural Association School of Architecture
Dates: academic year 2010-2011
Claudia Pasquero, AA Inter 10 Course Master
Marco Polletto, AA Inter 10 Course Master
Eva Sopeoglou, Research and Teaching Assistant
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