Social fabric | Central StMartins design studio

The studio sought proposals for new social infrastructures embedded within existing communities. In areas of London, like Peckham Rye in the south or the strip of Caledonian Road around the corner from Kings Cross, old inhabitants and new-comers negotiate their needs for communal spaces and common ground.

The students, on the one hand, initiated new architectural programmes based on hypothetical futuristic scenarios about life in London. At the same time, they connected with existing social groups, youth organisations and the social fabric of the city.

The design studio project was linked closely to the thesis research and writing assignments, such that, design would feed on the reading and writing, and vice versa.

Module: Third Year Design Studio
Course: BA(Hons) Architecture
Dates: academic years 2012-2013, 2013-2014
Location: The Rye Peckham, London and the Bemerton Estate, Islington
Eva Sopeoglou, Associate Lecturer, UAL Central St Martins, London UK