StAlbans Mobile Museum | UHerts studio

This project explored the design of a temporary ‘pop-up’ museum for the St Albans Museum of Art, to be installed in various outdoor locations during the summer 2017. The project was a collaboration between the Architecture – Interior Architecture and Design programme at the Univ. of Hertfordshire, UH Arts – University of Hertfordshire Galleries, the St Albans Museum and the St Albans Museum/ UH Arts artist-in-residence Lyndall Phelps. The students developed design ideas for an outdoor pop-up mobile museum and design of one display case to house the collection items.

During the project, students were admitted into the old St Albans Town Hall, a Grade-II listed building in the centre of St Albans, which will soon house the New St Albans Museum. They acquired 3D scans from parts of the building fabric, like the vestibule, trial room and dungeons.

Working in collaboration with artist Lyndall Phelps the students identified pieces from the Museum collection, like mugs, mosaics and taxidermy which they designed display cases for. The St Albans Mobile Museum was designed as a travelling exhibition across many sites in Hertfordshire and in London.

Nicola Smith (2016). The Alban Arms: St Albans Museum Story Pub, BA(Hons) Interior Architecture, University of Hertfordshire, submitted October 2016.

Module: Third Year Design Studio
Course: BA(Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
Dates: academic year 2016-2017
Location: St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK
Eva Sopeoglou, Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire, UK
UH Arts, University of Hertfordshire
St Albans Museum
Lyndall Phelps, UH Arts / St Albans Museum artist-in-residence
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